We’re passionate about computer security and beautiful, useful network infrastructure.

What does this look like?

It looks like your all-in-one printer, gaming computer, various laptops, smartphones, and the four-year-old’s tablet all working seamlessly on a secure in-home network that features guest access and the ability to print tomorrow’s report from your bedside table at 2am after it’s finally written.

It looks like all seventeen employees at your independently owned local novelty shop able to track inventory, take payments, and write reports effortlessly on a secure in-store network with a VPN for salespeople and late-night report writers.

It looks like robust wifi access for guests at dinner parties and community events.

It looks like backup solutions that keep your photos, novel ideas, and work files safe in case your device is stolen, lost, becomes outdated, or crashes.

Computer security and infrastructure planning are how you can feel safe, secure, and empowered in the digital age.

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